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Another year almost done

I just can't believe it's already Thanksgiving. For m, tThis year truly has flown by. Of course, the fact that I've traveled for conferences last summer then again this fall might be a big part of that. 

Every Thanksgiving, I do my biggest sale during Black Friday. Each year, it's been intensely popular with you all, my readers and fans.

This year I'm going to switch things up a bit. As many of you know, Amazon's KU has really cut back on it's payments to us. Most authors, me included, barely make back what we invest into our books (editing costs, covers, marketing, etc.), and even that can take several years.

My beloved husband, Shaun, has done a sweet thing by creating a user-friendly bookstore on my site. This allows most of the profits to go directly to me instead of a 3rd party. That will help a LOT!!!

So, this year, we are doing our Black Friday sale on our website and are increasing the discount down to 40% for any books you purchase there. Below, you can click on any book in my catalogue, and it will take you directly to my site. If it doesn't, you can go to Blake Allwood Publishing directly from here.  E-books from my site can be read on any device!!

USE COUPON CODE BF2023 to get your 40% discount!

You will see reminder emails from me this Friday and Monday (Cyber Monday,) so, please don't be surprised. This is your yearly chance to get my books at such a discounted price, so it feels important to send reminders.

USA folks, please enjoy your holiday, and for the rest, enjoy your chance to take advantage of all the Black Friday sales, coming from our part of the world.

Know this too, I'm beyond thankful for my readers, fans, and friends I've developed over the past few years I've been publishing. You all make my life richer and happier!

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The Transition Series

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The Big Bend Series

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My buddy Shane Morton is having a Black Friday Sale as well. 

Thanks Shane!

Sharing my blackmail picture of Shane from 20 Books Vegas for his Black Friday Event (seemed appropriate)

Author page-

Drag Queen Detective

Point Pleasant

Bluegrass Boys


These books share content with many other authors;  a great way to try out other authors and find some new reads!!

Men of Magic and Myth

Limited Time FREE Anthology, Includes Cordelia Manor by Adam J. Ridley

Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator

Proceeds go to the Trevor Project.  Includes story by Adam J. Ridley

Milo and Clack Continues: 

Part 24

For past chapters, go to:


Something was off. I didn’t quite know what it was, but my gut told me the spell hadn’t worked quite like the Generals had thought. For one thing, I heard laughter, and my instinct told me it was my mother.

Before Dad had appeared before me, I’d have argued that was impossible, now I wasn’t so sure, but the laughter had felt, naughty? My mother was naughty, especially when it came to the love lives of others. She loved playing matchmaker, and I used to hear her cackling like that when she was being surreptitious.

Dad used to call her a fairy, because fairies were always meddling in the human’s love lives. Often with horrible results. Calling an elf a fairy was a massive insult usually, but for mom, it just made her laugh. The memory caused me to be filled with sadness and love all at the same time.

There was a twinkle in Milo’s eyes that didn’t make me feel more confident in the spell, but he answered all of the General’s questions accurately. Maybe a little too accurate? I wondered, if maybe… okay, no...time to stop letting all the events of the day get me carried away.

General Bay and Olcarlamon were powerful magic wielders, if they cast a spell to reduce someone’s memory, it would most certainly work.

When I came out of Milo’s room, the Generals were waiting for me. “I wish to show you the renovations we’ve done in your absence. Of course, you can see we haven’t touched the upper floors, the guardians wouldn’t allow it. We didn’t want to chance it, but I suspect they are still in decent order from when your parents occupied the space.”

My parents hadn’t lived in the castle, they’d stayed occasionally, but my father had been one of the King’s main guards. For that reason, they’d lived in the royal palaces most of the time. While growing up, I’d come to this castle only a handful of times, and never in any part of the castle except the upper floors.

As far as I can remember, the castle had been mostly about to collapse. Now, it gleamed like new. I cringed to think how much magic had been used to rebuild the structure. Of course, I figured the castle’s internal magic likely helped some, if the wielder knew how to use it.

I suspected it was General Bay who had done the work, I could almost feel her presence in the walls. I knew her to be intensely powerful, rarely using her magic, but when she did it was formidable. If anyone could wield the wild magic of the castle and the ley lines it sat upon, I had to assume it would be her.

“You can see there are plenty of places for the elves who will be accompanying you on this journey to stay. I’ve modernized all the non-public spaces.” There, she’d admitted it was her. Okay, that made me feel better. “It will just appear that it was renovated years ago. The story I recommend you use is that your father renovated the castle with the intention of using it as a historical property and knew most of the castle would need to be used for the participants.

"If nosy humans poke into it too deeply, it would just make sense.”

“Wouldn’t he have had to get permits?” I asked remembering my education in human laws that we, as the king’s guard, were required to understand since we were the most likely to run into humans in our duties.

“All of that’s been taken care of, we maintain elves in the human government associations. There will be no need for authorization or permits and the building renovation appears to have been done legally as required.”

I nodded, knowing already about those serving within the human world. There have always been elves that prefer to live among humans. It’s strange, and something I’ll never understand, but I respect those who do. Their work does make our lives easier.

“Okay, well then, what happens next?”

I listened as General Bay explained everything in detail, including when the other elves would arrive, each of them having their minds wiped after they were here within the castle’s walls. For a moment, I thought about the old human cartoon Beauty and the Beast and thought we were creating the Beast’s castle. I had to wonder if that meant I was the Beast.”

“Did you hear me?” Olcarlamon asked.

I looked up and shook my head, “No sir, I’m sorry sir, I got distracted. You were saying.”

He sighed, “Just that we will keep you involved as we go forward, why don’t you go to your room. You’ve been through a lot. Coming home, seeing your… well it’s been a lot to take in.” he said.

I nodded, he wasn’t wrong. It had been a lot. “Thank you sir, when will you take my powers?” I asked, wishing to distract him, but knowing it was best if I faced this headlong.

“Now, if you don’t mind,” he said.

I nodded, “I mind, but I’ve agreed.”

Both Generals smiled, then began circling me. They sang together, a song I hadn’t heard before. My head began to pound and I lifted my hands up to try to soothe it.

There was not much to be done as the pain swiftly flowed through me, from my head down to my toes. Then I was lying flat on the stone floor. I opened my eyes  into the concerned looks of the generals. “Are you okay?” they asked.

I flicked my hand, a simple gesture that should’ve brought fire to my fingertips. Nothing occurred. I did a trick that should’ve made water pour from my hand onto the floor. Again nothing. Finally I clapped my hands together another elemental spell that should’ve caused the air to move around me. None of the spells worked. The most basic of basic spells. The first ones we learn as children and I could no longer do them.

“It appears to have worked.”

Olcarlamon reached down and took my hand helping me up. “I’m sorry son, I know this is hard. It would be easier if we could remove your memories.”

I immediately held up my hand to stop him. “That’s not our agreement. I need to know how to keep… to keep Milo safe,” I said, chastising myself for almost saying king, again.

“True, it was,” General Bay said. “We will take our leave now, but Clack, be careful. The power here is deep and strong, but Lord Atticon’s men are not to be trusted. They will easily slip into your midst like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You must always be diligent.”

I nodded, knowing what they said was true. “I have a feeling the castle will be watching as well. It’s… well, it’s something I’ve felt since I’ve been here.”

Both generals nodded. “I think you may be right, and we certainly hope you are, but be diligent nonetheless, don’t forget your training.”

The irony of that was significant considering they had just asked again to erase my memories. I didn’t respond though, and nodded as General Olcarlamon created a portal and the two walked through. This was certainly going to be an interesting experience. I wasn’t at all sure it was going to be a good one. I turned back toward the stairs that led to the upper floors and thought of the handsome king who slept in the apartments there. Maybe I was wrong, maybe since I would be here with him this was going to be the best years of my life.

               Join us next time for another chapter of Milo and Clack

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