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Last night my husband and I spent an amazing night celebrating with the people here in Mesa, AZ, in the 55+ community we love staying at. I know what you're thinking, Blake, dude you're not 55. No, I'm not, but the hubby is, so I get a free pass. hee hee

If you've read this year's Road to Rocktoberfest, you've seen a community much the same as the one I'm in. Imagine summer camp for older people. Y'all, it's really a fun place to be!  Softball, tennis, pickle ball, woodshop, dances, parties, happy hours, musical entertainment, and so much more...  There is always something to do here.

But now, it's time to get to work. :(

For me the new year is as much about looking backward as looking ahead. 

Last week, I shared memories for Christmas, today I want to think about the future, more specifically, our future together.

As I plan for 2024 and beyond, I'd like to hear more from you. What kind of books are you wanting to see from me? What do you want our newsletters to be like? That sort of thing. So, below, I've added a couple of surveys. Please fill them out, and help me as I plan for 2024.

Note there are THREE questions, you might have to flip through them to find all three. Unfortunately, the new system I'm using is hard for me to follow. :(

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Milo and Clack Continues:

Part 24

For past chapters, go to:


So much happened so quickly. First my foster parents arrived. Oh my god, I didn’t realize how much I’d missed them. When Ms. Beechum came over, I burst into tears. Luckily, the way this had been set up I hadn’t seen them in a while, so I didn’t give away the fact that the spell to remove my memories hadn’t worked.

Their elvin memories had already been removed by the time I got to see them, so if the Generals hadn’t created this whole illusion to protect me, I’m sure I’d have confused the crap out of them.

They were given a sweet little apartment on the floor below mine, which I was totally grateful for. I could’ve totally shared my space with them, but you know… I did want my boyfriend to feel free to come and go as he pleased.

The castle slowly began to fill up. Even Lacy, the young woman, well, elf I’d first met came in at one point. I wanted to run over and hug her, but clearly her memories of me had been erased, so I just smiled, and shook her hand when we met.

I was going to make a point of getting to know her though. She was one of the few elves I’d met since all this mess had started and I was excited to have her in my life.

I was surprised when the hateful leader of my foster parent’s tribe showed up. I did not like that woman. Luckily, she didn’t remember me. I would have to either avoid her or get over how hateful she’d been when I’d shown up at their home.

When I thought about it, though, I had to assume she was only here because my presence had put her in danger. According to Clack, my foster parents had been placed in some witness protection-like situation. She probably had too. Then of course, I just felt guilty. Even if she was hateful, she didn’t deserve to lose her home over me.

Allo was an old elf/man. He was going to help with training the knights. Which was supposed to include me. Well, as a trainee at least. I was nowhere near ready to be a knight. Clack had kicked my butt for months now. I had to assume all these elves would’ve been able to do the same.

Luckily, none of the new elf recruits questioned why my apartment was up on the top floor, not even my foster parents; who in real life, probably would’ve wondered. This was the magic of the memory game the Generals played. I was thankful for that at least.

By the end of the first week, the castle buzzed with activity. The first day I’d arrived, it had felt like the castle was wrong; the emptiness had felt oppressive. Now, it felt right again. I was so connected with the spirits that dwelled in the walls, and even though I hadn’t seen any of them since Clack’s mother’s visit, I felt their presence around me all the time.

The spirits were happy though, I could tell they’d missed the hubbub of the living. If I did end up being king, I would like this to become a real thing. Something we continued onward. Could humans and elves mix if elves had their memories? I had no idea. I was still too new myself.

After everyone was settled, Clack called a meeting in the courtyard. “Hi everyone, and welcome. We are going to be training over the summer, getting ourselves ready for spring, at which point, the castle will be opened to visitors.

“You’ve all volunteered to help recreate the historical elements of human civilization back in the middle ages.” He paused then, and I almost snickered at the fact he’d said human. He quickly regained his direction though.

“Each of you have been assigned duties, so as of today, you will man your stations, and we will act as if we are living in the medieval times. You are able to live a modern life in your chambers, no hu… um, visitors will be allowed in those parts of the castle, but while you are in the common areas, we expect you not to break the rules. At all times, we should appear as if we are a working castle from say, the fourteenth or fifteenth century.

He searched the faces of the party gathered and landed on me. “This is Milo, he is playing the part of a nobleman who’s been sent here to apprentice being a knight. His job is to get to know each of you and your job is to teach him about what you are doing. When the spring guests arrive, he will be one of our main tour guides.”

I looked at Clack shocked at his response. “Me?” I asked and Clack smiled and nodded curtly before continuing.

“If you have questions, you may come speak with me. Now, let’s get started!” He said clapping his hands to dismiss us.

No one spoke or asked questions. I wondered just how much of their memories had been manipulated. When Clack came over to me I asked. “Why me? I… I’m not good with people.”

Clack just laughed, “I’ve spent enough time as your boyfriend to know that’s not true. It also makes the most sense considering your position at the castle would make you the most likely person to entertain guests. Meanwhile, you will get to learn all the ins and outs of the castle’s day-to-day life. I think it’s important for you to get to know the individuals working here.”

I knew he was saying it was important that I get to know the elves. Spend time with them, learn their ways. He wasn’t wrong. Even if they’d forgotten they were elves, their culture wouldn’t change and I was an outlier. I had no idea what elf life was like. It was impossible for me to be involved in the lives of elves at this point in my life, so I knew what Clack was giving me was a blessing. A real one at that.

My foster mom Ms. Beechum was assigned as a weaver and seamstress. Her love of color and décor would make her perfect for that. I wondered if that’s what she volunteered for. My foster dad was in charge of managing the upkeep of the castle.

After Clack finished speaking, I spent the afternoon helping them unpack. I had to be careful not to say too much since my memories were still intact. I had so many questions though. I wanted to know what’d happened to them since I’d last seen them.

That was the hardest part of all of this, not being able to have a real chat with them about our lives together. Oh well, if it kept them safe, it would be worth it in the end. Knowing my involvement with them had put them in jeopardy. Knowing they’d sacrificed their lives before and again now, it made me appreciate these two wonderful people, so much.

We all went downstairs and into the great hall. Mr. Beechum was helping to load the great fireplace and stoked the fire. It was already getting cold here at night, and the fire would be welcome. I sat next to Clack at the head of the table. My foster parents sat next to me, although from my knowledge of history, that wouldn’t have been the case during the times we were recreating.

I liked that we weren’t obeying all the archaic nobility laws. However, I’d need to talk to Clack about this. Elves might’ve been a bit more open-minded about all this, but if the public was going to witness these proceedings, we’d need to have the people sitting at the front of the table dressed as nobility.

Luckily, none of us were required to wear the clothes of that era yet, so for now, how we were sitting worked fine. The food was, as Clack had said before, entirely vegetarian. That seemed so strange to me, and that was another point of contention for the era. Meat would’ve been a huge part of the diet of that era. At least for the humans. We’d have to figure that out.

Of course, all this just made it that much more important that Clack know I hadn’t lost my memories. Together we could create a real recreated world, I knew human history fairly well, since it’s one of the subjects in school I actually found interesting.

The hall grew louder as the occupants arrived, some helping to bring food to the table, others sitting and chatting with the other participants. I leaned back in the enormous chair I was sitting in, and only slightly jumped when Clack took my hand.

It was the first intimate gesture he’d made since we’d arrived. I smiled up at him and my heart did a funny quaking thing when I saw his happy expression. He was enjoying this as much as I. I felt a chill as I thought of all he and his ancestors had sacrificed for mine. It must feel so wonderful for him to have it back again. Even if he was the last member of his clan. Being home, in the place his ancestors had occupied all these years must feel so good.

I squeezed his hand just as the food was brought to us. There were mashed potatoes with some sort of gravy. English peas were spread around the outside of the plate, making a pretty picture. I lifted Clack’s hand to my mouth and kissed it before letting go and digging in. It’d been a long time since I’d had freshly cooked food and, vegetarian or not, I was ready to dig in.

The flavors burst in my mouth in the most satisfying way. The gravy, a type I hadn’t tasted before, was both floral and savory. I wouldn’t have picked these flavors to eat with mashed potatoes, but damn if I didn’t love it.

Before I knew it my plate was empty and my stomach too full. I leaned back again and blushed when I saw both my foster parents and Clack smiling at me. “What?” I asked defensively, “I was hungry.”

They all chuckled and dug into their own meals.

A group of young elves… no, people, I had to get that into my head. Human people rushed around the table, collecting all the dishes and utensils, and I was about to get up to leave when I heard the sounds of a bizarre instrument.

I’d heard medieval music before, and this was similar, but also different. An older man stepped around the pillars in the back of the hall, carrying some strange looking wooden instrument. He strummed it again, and I swear I could hear the castle walls hum with the sound.

He began to play and a group of three people joined him. The music was eerie and beautiful. It felt as if the top of my head was beginning to lift off of my body. I looked around at the others in the room, but they didn’t seem to be as impacted by the music as I was.

I lay back, shut my eyes, and immediately in my mind I saw dancing. The ghosts, these must be the ghosts, because they were all dressed in garb from many different eras.

I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I woke, I was in my chambers, a sleeping Clack spooning me from behind. I leaned up and looked around, causing him to stir. “Wha… what happened?” I asked.

Clack kissed my neck and whispered, “I do believe you ate too much and fell asleep.” He chuckled then.

“Did you bring me all the way up the stairs?”

“Aye,” he whispered in my ear causing me to shiver from his closeness. “I don’t mind. You’re not much weight to carry, but I dare say if you eat like that every night, that will change.”

I playfully elbowed his abdomen, then leaned back against him. I wanted to tell him that I hadn’t fallen asleep, that I’d somehow fallen under the spell of the castle. I was in a different world, one filled with the ghosts of the castle, and they were showing me how happy they were to have us back, to have the music played in the great hall again.

But when Clack moved up to me, kissing my mouth and pinning me under him, all thoughts of ghosts and spells flew out of my mind. Then it was just us. Him and me. Just as I had with the ghosts from before, I could feel Clack. Not just physically, I could feel his spirit, his love.

I wanted to cry at the beauty of it, but then his hands moved down my body and even those thoughts escaped my head. Clack had the skill to completely undo me, and damn if I didn’t want to enjoy all of that.

                               Join us next time for another chapter of Milo and Clack

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